October 1, 2015

What is The Difference Between SEO Keywords & Search Queries?

Are Search Queries and SEO Keywords alike?

The answer in no. There is a minute difference between Search Queries and SEO Keywords.

Let us say that "make pizza" is our SEO Keyword. Our user wants to know about "make pizza"

But what the user will actually type in search engine is "How to make pizza". Now this is our Search Query.

Now as a SEO expert we should focus on both Search Queries and SEO Keywords. Most of our advertising campaign is based on SEO Keywords but the reality is that we can get more traffic if we also focus on Search Queries.

We will discuss some of the options to find our SEO Keywords and Search Queries.

Google Webmaster Tool

This can be very helpful in finding our Search Queries. In the Search Query section, we can see all the queries that brought us traffic.
But only contains successful queries. We don't know the popular queries. In short this can be helpful but we need more.

Google Auto Complete Feature

Google is a giant in Search Engine Industry. We get most of the traffic from google. So we should get some help from google. 
When we type in google search bar, it shows some suggestions. These suggestions come from the actual Search Queries. Once we understand what is popular on google we can target our search queries.

Pay-per-click campaign

Start a Pay-per-click campaign for your keywords. This will show you the exact Search Queries related to your SEO keywords.


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