October 1, 2015

You must Avoid Common SEO Mistakes

During internet surfing, I found some shameful SEO practices. I am sharing these with you, so that you may avoid them.

Irrelevant Anchor Text

What is Anchor text??  It is the name given to the clickable hyperlink in your post. Using clever anchor text is good SEO habit. It helps the crawler to understand the theme of the linked pages. Moreover if these are inbound links, they will bring more SEO juice to your website. But I see a lot of bloggers using click here as an anchor text link. This poor practice kills one good and easy chance to build a link.

Ignoring Google Webmaster Resources

Every blogger wants the Google’s organic traffic. Then why not use the resources provided by Google to build and analyze your website. Google Webmaster Tools,
  • Help you to build Google-Friendly website
  • Help you to diagnose problems
  • Show you Google’s view about your website
  • Help you to analyze the Search Queries
  • Help you to keep track of your website links
  • Help you to control bot crawl rate
  • Allow you to submit sitemap
So dear fellows, get a Google Webmaster account, if you don’t have one.

More Focus on SEO Keywords not on Search Queries

What are SEO keywords and what are Search Queries?? Are they different?? Yes there is a very minor difference between these two. But they can surely dramatically affect your organic traffic. Please read this article what-is-difference-between-seo-keywordsand search queries. I am sure that after reading this article you will give up the habit of focusing more on SEO Keywords.

Non crawlable websites

This is the biggest SEO mistake. If your website is non crawlable, search engine bots would not be able to rank your website. This will result in less organic traffic. To check the whether your website is  crawlable, here is a helpful article Is your website crawlable, understandable, and findable?

Never Ignore the Permalink SEO

What is Permalink?? Have you ever used it. How Google thinks about and uses the permalink. How to use the permalink with the Post Title. You can get the answer of these questions in my post about Permalink SEO

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