October 1, 2015

What is the Best Permalink Structure for SEO

Have you ever used permalink?? Most of you will answer NO. This is because while writing a post, you are so busy in other tasks like focusing the correct keyword density, word count and selecting the title of the post that you simply ignore the permalinks.

What is Permalink ?? 

As a matter of fact, the word Permalink might be new to most of you. Permalinks are the URLs of the content you publish on your website post. By changing the structure of your permalinks, you will change the URLs of your blog post. You can see that the title and URL of this post are different.

Google and Permalink

Whenever you search something in Google, it highlights the matched keywords. Now what is displayed in the search results?? Usually these are the page title, description and the URL of the page. You can see the highlighted query in the image below,

And you would like the maximum matched keywords in the searched results. Now if your URL is like http://yourwebsite.com/post?=5465, then you lost some matched keywords ratio.

For more information about Google’s view about permalinks, read the section “Improve the structure of your URLs” in their guide, Search Engine OptimizationStarter Guide .

Use Post Permalink and Post Title combination

You all know very well that blog post title attracts the reader to click the link. Sometimes you want to use tricky titles to get more attention of the user. At the same time your chances of getting high rank on relevant keyword goes down in search engines. But you can compensate this by using a permalink that contains all the necessary keywords for the search engines.


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