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Install the Standalone Adobe Flash Player on Linux

This is the procedure of Manual and off-line Installation of Adobe Flash Player on LINUX, follow these steps  

1.    Download Adobe flash player for LINUX from the official website Adobe Flash Player . You may choose the option of Flash Player for other platforms  if downloading from different operating system. And then copy the setup to your LINUX system.

2.    Login with "root" user on LINUX

3.    right click on the file (tar.gz) and click on "Extract here"

4.    Go to this location /usr/lib64/firefox/browser/ and create a folder named “plugins”

5.    Launch Terminal

6.    Go to that location where you extracted the file

7.    Run this command : sudo cp /usr/lib64/firefox/browser/plugins/

8.    Run this command : sudo cp –r user/* /usr

9.    Launch Mozilla Firefox and check if you have Adobe Flash Player

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