October 14, 2015

How to Earn Money with SeoClerks

Do you need extra fortunes from the internet? Or perhaps you want to leave your boring 9-5 routine and earn solid income from being an online freelancer? If you have no idea where to start, you have come to the right place. I am here to tell you about how to earn money with SeoClerks. To tease you, I have made over $2,000 since I joined this site 5 months ago. Do you want to earn a solid income? First of all, you need to know what is SeoClerks.

What is SeoClerks?

Seoclerks, located in SeoClerk.com, is a marketplace which is used to be purposely designed for SEO services. As the time goes by, the site has evolved. Since the commencing of high demands of different fields related to SEO, SeoClerks has been doing some extra miles by increasing the categories such as Video Marketing, Social Media, Article Writing, and so on. The site also offers Want to Buy and Want to Trade section wherein the SeoClerks users can exchange their needs. The platform has been developed in such marvelous way so that a lot of buyers tend to stop by this site.

This is the best site to purchase SEO services at affordable rate and also to earn online.

SeoClerks is an awesome platform in which freelancers can earn some dollars by doing various tasks. And I made the first earning withdrawal 3 weeks after joining the site. My first payout was $150, not bad for a starter.

You can sell your service here and earn money easily. Now it has turned to be a freelancing site where you can sell anything there.

What Can You Sell?

 Basically, you can almost sell anything you want from blog content, graphic design, social media, SEO, and many more. You can see all the categories in the home page of the site and you will find there are a lot of categories that you can work for. I have earned some bucks by writing articles, and you can do it too. Look around at the home page and you will find which niche that is suitable with your skill. It is crucial to find out your specialty and proficiency before selling anything on SeoClerks.

Payment Options

 SeoClerks have several legitimate payment options. This is how you will get the payment.
     SolidTrust Pay

There are a lot of options. However, they come with some caveats need to be considered too. First one is Paypal. Withdrawing your payment to PayPal is free. But keep in mind that some countries including India and China are banned from PayPal. You may want to use the alternatives if you reside in those countries.

Payza, on the other hands, are commonly accessible through the world. However, it costs some dollars when withdrawing the payment. SolidTrust Pay might be your best alternative.

Payoneer is also an easy tool. The registration is free. But you need to wait for a month until the free card (with which you can withdraw) to arrive at your house. You may have to be patient before you can ask to withdraw with Payoneer.

How to Get Started!

 Alright, let’s go to the meat of the post. To get started, you can do these easy steps:

2.    Complete Your Profile by adding real profile picture, status and your skills (RECOMMENDED)
3.    Then hover your mouse to the Seller tab, click on Sell A Service.
4.    Create your service. Fill the description with as clear information as possible.
5.    Then it is done! The next step is just share your service to social networking sites, blogs, forums, and other sites. And wait the buyer comes to your service.

I will not explain the basic navigations or so in details. I believe you can learn it by yourself. So, let’s discuss the next important things.

Marvelous TIPS!

 You will not earn significant amounts of money if you do not have plan to market your service. And here I would like to share some marvelous tips to boost your earning in SeoClerks.


            24 Hours Delivery Service
            Since you are an early player in SeoClerks, you can set your turnaround time in 24 hours. By this, you have won over the other freelancers who set their turnaround time longer than yours. The buyers who are in hurry will tend to choose your service over others.
            Mark Your Service as “On Sale”
            Let’s say you sell graphic design service for $5. Mark your service “On Sale”, decrease it to $4 for 3 days or so. SeoClerks allows the users to mark their service “On Sale” max. 2 weeks. That’s your call actually. But no matter what, people will be intrigued to purchase services “On Sale”. Do you remember that your mom always seeked “On Sale” items in the mall? That works the same in SeoClerks.
            Break Your Competition
            If others sell a service for $6, as a starter you can offer the same service for $5. You can be sure that your service is the same or even better quality than your competitors. When your first customer is satisfied with your work delivery, he will purchase again, and tell his friends about yourself. And your service will go viral!
Give Surprising Bonuses!
If you charge $5 for your service, you can go for extra miles. Give your client surprising bonuses to engage him or her. For instance, if you sell 400 words article, give him or her 500 words article instead. He will be surprised and tend to bookmark your service for the upcoming orders.


            Share Your Service in Social Networking Sites
            SeoClerks page is equipped with comprehensive social media sharing tools. You can just click to the social network button, and share it to your friends or public.
            Being Active in Forum
            Join as many forums as possible. If necessary, engage each of potential buyer in the forum by Private Message. Direct selling can be bold and violate the forum regulation, but it seems often work.
            Blog Visit
            A lot of people who run small to medium business visit blogs with various niches such as marketing, motivation, self-improvement, online marketing, business, etc. A lot of chances that you can comment in those blogs and your comment (when your link service inserted) will be seen by others.

Those are some tips and you can use your own creativity to use them all. So, are you ready to make money with SeoClerks?


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