October 21, 2015

Top Websites to Buy and Sell Websites and Domains

The art of buying and selling of websites is also referred as “website flipping”. In this post I am sharing a list of websites where you can buy and sell your website or blog. This list includes both premium and free marketplaces. Premium means that they will charge you for placing your website for sale. Usually when a website is purchased or sold, they earn a commission. This commission varies from marketplace to marketplace. As an example if you want to sale a blog or website. First you will add it in the list under the relevant niche. Usually you are allowed to set a price. Then the buyers bid. And the highest bidder buys the website.

It is tricky to set the cost of your website. The price depends on many factors like recent traffic graph, earnings, source of traffic, cost of domain name, quality and quantity of backlinks etc.  Numbers of posts also affect the price of your website.   

Furthermore some niches have low prices and some have really high prices.
Anyhow if you want to buy and sell a website, you can do this on any of these websites. Let’s go through the list.


Flippa is the most popular place to buy and sell the websites. They are the market leaders. Thy have the most active listing directory. 

They offer you both free listing and paid listing. Both listings have their pros and cons. They also allow you to set “Buy it now” price without any auction.

Sedo is a reputed company in terms of buying and selling domains and websites. They offer free listing of website as well as domain name. It gives you access to a lot of potential buyers. After listing your domain or website for sale, you can also submit it for review. The review is always helpful in many ways.
Sedo will deduct 10% as commission on every sale.


Freemarket gives you the opportunity to list your website for free. This mean that no fee for putting your website for sale. It offers you to buy and sell both websites and domain names. However you cannot list subdomains like mysite.blogspot.com etc. It has only 5% commission rate on the sold price. 5% is relatively low as compared to the other competitors. It also has a “Buy it now” feature.
Freemarket is run by the same guys who run Freelancer.com.

Website Broker

WebsiteBroker is one of the oldest marketplace for buying and selling websites. They can provide a good number of buyers and sellers. For buyers, they provide good statistical information to make decisions.
No free listing. They charge $10 to $30 for listing your website. But this is the only fee they charge. No commission upon sale of your website.


igloo is another good marketplace for buying and selling websites. They have a long list of buyers. They have a professional attitude when it comes to website flipping. 

FE International

 FE international is also a good place for buying and selling of websites. This website is around since 2010. Whenever a website is sold on FEI, they deduct 2.5% from the buyers in terms of “Buyer Transaction Fee”. According to FEI, this fee is to cover the administrative cost for facilitating the sale. FEI gives you a free eBook of 83 pages. This book guides you on how to buy and sell websites on FEI effectively.
FE international only lists the websites that generate at least $10,000 a year in net income.

Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc. was founded in 2007. Since then, it is helping Internet business owners to sell their websites.  The firm has assisted the sale of thousands of websites and 80% of listings were sold within 90 days. 


WebsiteProperties only deal with high earning websites. So if your website is earning $100,000+ annually, then you are eligible for the listing. They have a complete process to analyze and prepare your website for sale.

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