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LAPACK Installation LINUX

Prerequisites : gfortran installed. 

LAPACK Installation Steps

Step 1: Download Lapack from here.

Step 2: unzip and untar using the following commands.

gunzip lapack-3.4.0.tgz
tar xvf lapack-3.4.0.tar

Step 3: Enter inside the lapack-3.4.0 directory.

cd   lapack-3.4.0

Step 4: Change the file "" to ""


Step 5: Edit the file "Makefile" and apply the following changes.

uncomment the line by removing "#" from its start.
lib: blaslib variants lapacklib tmglib

and comment the following line by putting "#" at its start.
#lib: lapacklib tmglib

Step 6: Write the following command.


After the successful execution of this command, LAPACK installation is completed.


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